Northern Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc. provides up to date customized prosthetic solutions for amputees of all ages. Our highly trained and qualified staff works with you through each step of the prosthetic management process to get you back to living your life the way you want. Each prosthesis is customized to your individual needs in order for you to return to your life whether it be on the golf course or managing a business.

Our access to the top manufacturers from across the globe enables us to provide you with the most sophisticated and up to date componentry and software available. Check out some of the revolutionary products below.


This highly stable yet lightweight carbon fiber knee unit equipped with microprocessor technology which collects data every 0.02 seconds to determine your next move, allowing amputees to walk without a fear of falling. By using algorithms based on thousands of gait patterns the C-leg is able to be programed to match each patient's individual gait, resulting in a seamless gait on any terrain.

Dynamic Response Prosthetic Feet

Dynamic response feet store energy when the heel of the foot strikes the ground as the individual transitions from heel strike to toe off the energy is released providing "push off" resulting in a natural balanced gait. Introducing a split toe increases the individuals ability to walk on uneven ground with improved stability. Dynamic Response feet are a perfect fit for those individuals who are looking to be active, running, walking long distances, or playing sports.

CJ Sail Socket Technology

Gone are the days of sitting on a hard plastic socket. With the development of the CJ Sail transfemoral amputees are now able to sit on a comfortable cloth sail while maintaining the secure safe socket fit that they are accustomed to. The sail technology allows the individual to easily adjust for any volumetric changes throughout the day reducing the number of visits to the prosthetist and the number of socket changes.

Myoelectric Controlled Upper Limp Prostheses.

Myoelectric prostheses are controlled by the electric properties in an individual's muscles. Sensors fabricated inside a prosthetic socket pick up on the electric signals naturally developed when flexing a muscle. Myoelectric prostheses provide individuals with a prosthesis that mimics in appearance and in function a natural arm. Myoelectric systems are now available with elbows that flex and extend, wrists that flex and rotate, fingers that move independently.

BioM T2 System

Developed by BioM Personal Bionics the T2 system is a prosthetic foot equipped with bionic propulsion enabling you to walk at any chosen speed using the same amount of energy you used before you were an amputee. Allowing the foot to do the work reduces stress on your back and joints all while saving your energy to allow you to be active longer.