Northern Orthopedic Laboratory provides professional staff for prosthetic and orthotic evaluations to establish prescription criteria, measure, design, fabricate, fit and follow-up services. Both custom and off-the-shelf items are available, depending on the patient's needs. The majority of all custom prosthetic and orthotic fabrication occurs on-site, including repairs and adjustments. Should a repair or adjustment be necessary, many component parts are stocked on-site to limit the patient's inconvenience.

Following is a listing for some of the services provided:


Upper Extremity
Interscapular-thoracic amputation
Interscapular-thoracic amputation is an amputation above the shoulder through the scapula.
Shoulder Disarticulation
Shoulder disarticulation is an amputation through the shoulder joint.
Transhumeral Amputation
A transhumeral amputation takes place below the shoulder and above the elbow.
Elbow Disarticulation
Amputations performed through the elbow joint are known as elbow disarticulations.
Transradial Amputation
Transradial amputations are performed below the elbow and above the wrist.
Wrist Disarticulation
A wrist disarticulation amputation takes place through the wrist.
TransCarpal Amputations
Transcarpal or partial hand amputations take place below the wrist through the hand or individual fingers.
Lower Extremity
Hip Disarticulation
Amputations through the hip are commonly referred to as hip disarticulations
Transfemoral Amputation
Transfemoral amputations are performed below the hip and above the knee.
Transtibial Amputations
Transtibial amputations are performed below the knee and above the ankle.
A Syme&s amputation or ankle disarticulation takes place through the ankle joint.
Chopart amputations are performed just in front of the ankle joint allowing the individual to maintain ankle motion.
Partial foot
Partial foot amputations are amputations below the ankle and include toes.


Upper Extremity
Shoulder Orthoses
Shoulder orthoses are commonly used to immobilize the shoulder to allow healing after surgery or injury. Shoulder orthoses are also used for protection during sports or orther physical activites.
Elbow Orthoses
Designed to limit motion of the elbow and facilitate healing and rehabilitation of the elbow.
Wrist Orthoses
Used the reduce stress on the wrist joint to allow healing and assist in rehabilitation.
Wrist-Hand-Finger Orthoses
Immobilizing the wrist handd and fingers preventing further injuries or disruption of surgical sites.
Lower Extremity
Thoracic Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (THKAFO)
THKAFO is an orthosis designed to control the hip and lower limb while supporting the trunk.
Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (HKAFO)
HKAFOs are designed to provide stability to the lower limbs and support the hips.
Hip Abduction Orthoses
Used to provide support and stabilize the hip, hip abduction orthoses are commonly used to stabilize hip dislocations and surgeries.
Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)
KAFOs are designed to stabilize the knee, ankle, and foot and treat skeletal alignment issues such as bow legs.
Knee Orthoses
Knee Orthoses are used to treat all types of knee injuries and assist in post surgery recovery. Knee Orthoses can be to treat anything from patella dislocations to osteoarthritis.
Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
AFOs are designed to improve the control the position and movement of the foot and ankle reducing pain and maintaining proper skeletal alignment.
Submalleolar Orthosis (SMO)
SMOs are orthoses that are custom made to patient measurements with a trim line below the ankle. SMOs are designed to control foot alignment.
UCBLs were designed at the University of California at Berkeley Labs to control foot deformities and improve gait.
Cranial Remodeling
Cranial remodeling uses a custom shaped helmet that is specifically designed to treat and manage plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and other head shape deformities in infants 3-18 months of age.
Cervical Orthoses
Cervical orthoses are used to immobilize the neck allowing you to heal and reducing pain following vertebral fractures and neck sprains.
Thoracic Orthoses
Thoracic bracing is designed to support the upper back limiting motion and allowing you to heal.
Lumbar Orthoses
Lumbar orthoses are designed to support the lower back and relieving symptoms of the follow conditions: bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and back sprains.
Sacral Orthoses
Sacral orthoses are designed to relieve pain and immobilize the lowest part of your back allowing you to heal.


Foot Orthotics
Foot orthotics are used to maintain a neutral foot alignment relieving foot and ankle pain.
Heel Lifts and wedging
Heel lifts and wedges are used to treat leg length discrepancy and foot deformities.